Gratia Life Mission

The Gratia Plan

Gratia is Latin for Grace or Gratitude.

Gratia = The Life of Christ Jesus

Grace is Who is received from God.

Gratitude is Who is given back to God.

Gratia  is the Most Sacred Exchange between God and Man.

God gives Grace to man.

Man gives Gratitude back to God.

Gratia is The Holy Life Currency of The Kingdom of God!

*    *    *

Gratia Life Mission is a Grace & Gratitude for-profit busyness-ministry,

Instead of charging a set rate, we will receive any Gratuity from Clients based on their own value judgments of the Grace (ministry/services) received.  In this way, it makes it possible for us to provide our services to anyone, without regard to their financial means. 

We will never ask for money; that is between you and The LORD!

“Freely you have received; so, freely give.” – Matt. 10:8 

“… the Lord directs those who proclaim the gospel to get their living from the gospel.” – 1 Cor. 9:14. 

*    *    *

Man gives Gratia back to God via Gratuity of time, talent, or treasure.

The following sliding scale formula is a suggested guide for treasure.

Sliding Scale

.1% of one’s gross family income per session

(Example:  .001 x $100,000 gross family income = $100 per session.)

Gratuity may be sent by clicking the box, below.

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