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Individual Services for Men, Only!

Wisdom in a Confused World & Church

Because we live in a world and church environment where definitions of terms, like  “Christian”, “Church”, “Bible”, “Man”, and “Woman”, are no longer fixed AND because we no longer have a female counselor on staff, we must now  limit all Individual Counseling, Coaching, and Ministering services to men, only. GLM will not risk exposure to litigious nonsense.

By the Grace & Mercy of God, Christians will awaken from their spiritual slumber and live for Christ Jesus and His Kingdom-Church, ALONE.   Then, The Light of Christ Jesus may drive out the darkness and His Chosen Saints will walk in His Dominion.  Indeed, they will Glorify God and Enjoy HIM, Forever!

Randall Swetnam

Counselor • Coach • Minister

20819 S Dean Road  •  Belton, MO  64012  • VM: 8163880773 •